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Periboard 324 to Work in BIOS?

If anyone wants to toss a stone or whatever in hopes/of an idea, feel free

Okay, so, I noticed something weird/strange/“unusual”.
I couldn’t use the keyboard keys itself, but, for some reason, the USB hub was detected, AND, the USB drive itself WAS recognized as a boot option. So it seems like I might be close? But then what’s the detail for the BIOS? Really weird.

Edit- if it helps, I managed to get it working on an Intel system, but I have not for the original AMD system.

Edit 2- It’s really weird. Both systems look to have the exact same BIOS UI as well, but I don’t see an option or a switch or something like that to make the keyboard work.

I tried installing a mini-PCIe to PCIe adapter card, but unfortunately there was no luck there. It still won’t work for the AMD system.