Performance issues (caused by CPU)

Good day everyone,

I have a weird problem with my performance in Guild Wars 2 (don't know if other games are also affected) which I can not fix on my own.

So here's the story of my problem: I started playing the game a few weeks ago and had noticed that my FPS were pretty low. So I updated the driver of my GPU (current Version AMD 13.1). I logged in and I had a smooth gaming experience. The next day I logged into the game and suddenly my FPS - loss was about 10-15, doesnt matter in which place I was or what graphic settings I was using. Then I deleted the driver, reinstalled it, then it worked fine again. Okay, I thought it was a bug, but here is the thing. EVERYTIME I turn off my PC and start playing the next day, the problem is there again. In order to be able to play smooth, I have to REINSTALL the driver. So my routine at the moment is: Turn PC on, delete driver, PC restart, install driver, PLAY smoothly. If I am not doing this, my FPS are very low.

I found out that my CPU is the problem. The overall usage is around 40% when my FPS suck, when they are good (after reinstallation of the driver) the usage is around 60-70%. I used MSI afterburner and HWInfo to test the things ingame. My GPU is not the cause, because I observed everything.

So what can I do to avoid reinstalling the driver again and again in order to be able to play smoothly?



Well first of all try other games. it could just be guild wars 2, which if it is then try uninstalling/reinstalling that

Do you have any kind of overclock going on cpu or gpu wise?