Perfect rig? based on this processor

Well I've been on this basic rig and I'm upgrading!! 

Check this out give me your thoughts I'm a 14year so I can't afford most things

I play ,medium to high gaming and I want 60fps!!




8gb ram

Gigabyte M6MT-S2

600W PSU




looks good

if you can try and get the FX 4300, Vishera fixed a lot of the issues the older gen had.

So you want to upgrade that? Looks pretty good as it is. What games are you playing and whats the fps youre getting with this?

nonon this is what i will upgrade to :)

that motherboard googles as an AM3 motherboard that only suppourts DDR2... you'll bottle neck the crap of that GPU and the FX won't even work.

you'll need a new MoBo to put the FX in, and I'd get a new one even if you go with a phenom.
as for the 4100? use wise? its crap. skip it and get a 4300 or a 6300, or roll back and get the Phenom 965 BE, which- despite being a slower 'clock' is much faster in 80% of day to day use. all of them are multiplier unlocked.

also-the SSD won't do much for recording. put your OS on that puppy and enjoy quicker boot times.
-or if your like me and only ever shut down your computer whent your away- ditch it compleatly and save some $$

what I'd do:
the reason it has a 1TB instead of a 500gb? the terrabyte was $10 more. if you already have the HDD, drop it to save cash.

the case is really a matter asthetic preference, but the blackhawk is pretty loaded, X2 USB 3.0, X4 USB 2.0, top hot dock bay. tons of ventilation, ect, things I dont like- it doesn't have a large hole near the PSU mount to route all the PSU cables through.

the mushkin SSD is the cheapest solidstate from a brand I trust. the power supply is basically the same deal, cheapest think that matches spec and is trustworthy.

again, paring away anything you already own/can do without will save you a ton. as will sales.

You should make a list of the hardware you currently have, then another list of what you plan on getting. At the moment it's kind of hard to give advice.