Perfect build For Pentium-K AE

This is the perfect build for the chip.It's for someone wanting to game on high settings now, And In a year upgrade the CPU to an  I5 or I7 Broadwell CPU. Then in another year upgrade to a new GPU that's out by then.


BAM... thoughts?

Not really "perfect".  Here's why:

ASRock and Asus and other companies have unlocked B85 and H87 (Asus has H81 as well) to allow for the changing of multipliers.  Of course, this isn't as "secure" of a solution as Z87 or Z97, though.

SSDNow V300.  As I've stated many times on this forum, Kingston has changed their flash to a cheaper, much lower performing asynchronous NAND flash.  Also, 120GB is very small.  I would take something like a WD 1TB Blue and add an SSD later.

GTX 660 is more expensive and on par with something like an R9 270.  Grab an R9 270: better performance for the money.

I chose Z97 so the user would overclock them too. SSDnow did change but at its price most people can hack it. And use an old HDD that they rip out of and old E machine but hey its debatable. The 660 is nice and it can be had for cheaper than im seeing the 270 out now. And has all of the keplar based advantages like gamestream. Its really a toss up for me some people really like how easy Nvidia cards are to use.

For cheaper price, better SSD and better GPU

Wouldnt say perfect you only got 120gb storage upgrading to 250 doesnt cost a whole lot extra

here is a build i came up with on another post