People to Play Dota 2 With

Hi, I'm Topher (aka: Cadams74 aka:FatsoDaFrog)

I play Dota 2 everyday with a friend of mine.  We have a team of us that play together locally but can never get five of us together at one time sadly.  We chat on Mumble typically and play all game types.  I will list a little about our team below, its typically just two of us but we have a third guy who plays a few times a week.  I will add more info after talking to the other two guys.  If you want to join us we are happy to have you.  Leave a response and will play a few games sometime and talk in Mumble.  After that we I will decide if you can join the team. :)

Me (Team Leader)

  • Agility Characters
  • Carries
  • Favorite Characters: Sniper, Phantom Lancer


  • Carry/Support
  • Versatile
  • Favorite Characters: Zues, Shadow Shaman, Alchemist, Dragon Knight
  • A quote from the Phantom "The tankiest tank of tanking tankers!"


  • Favorite Character:Viper


We are open to just about anyone but I do have rules that must be followed, nothing extreme though.


  • No racism
  • No using "gay" as an insult
  • Be nice 
  • Don't troll the other team or our team for that matter
  • Basically just be a good person and you shall be welcomed

I will totally play. Have it, but never played it. I will need some help.

Hey ill play i can play a tank, carry or support(though im only good with KOLT as a support tbh). 

Add me on Steam The names SKYFORGED DRAGON

I shall be playing tomorrow, I have plans tonight.  Add me on Steam and we shall play tomorrow. FatsoDaFrog is my Steam name.  I will send the IP for the Mumble server in pms on Steam

Add you both. :)

I think Dota 2 is great but I prefer playing dota 1 over dota 2. One time I tried it with a couple of friends and I used my favorite hero, Puck, and the result is I got owned by everybody. It would have been a different result if it was dota 1. I've been toying a lot of my neighbours with my puck in dota 1. Nervertheless, you can add me at steam at lyle162. I still have to go at brake repair mt pleasant sc for my car to be repaired. Thanks.


Play DoTA 2 with me! Look at the best bristleback ever:

TBH, if I was to make a team i twould be full already. I play with around 5 of my friends already; we already basically have roles: the only person we were missing in this match was APPIESAUCE. I would play either strength carry or strength "meat-bag" (tank support). I may become annoyed with you, as I have played PL a lot, and if you don't pick the right items/skills then I would rage.

once you have a proper team we( may fight you. Although, because of the fact that I'm bad at mid, our only option for mid(ghul, as me and appie work well, and zeal and sly work well) isn't that great at DoTA altogether. I wish we had another option but we'll train 'im good. I'm sure you'll beat us if you focus on him, but we could just kit him out as a heavy tank and all be casters and own yo' ass. No more strat talk we will fight at some point. Maybe...

I hadn't been checking in on this and forgot about it lol

I still don't have a full team and PhantomKirk (my 2nd in command) left Dota for League :(

I still suck on Dota 2, but when I feel more confident I will contact you and join your games.