People thinks I am older than I actually am

I'm 16 and most of the people I meet thinks that I am 18+ including my new classmates this year. Should I be happy or dissapointed?

Everyone thought I was older than I really was in high school. Now everyone thinks I'm younger than I am. It'll pass.

But what if it doesn't?

If it doesn't, you'll get used to it pretty quickly. It's not necessarily a bad thing, it's just some people are terrible at telling others' ages.

It doesn't really matter, you should have the mentality that other's opinion of you should only be a consideration. The way you should look at it is that people see you a more mature, not older.

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Fair point.

Besides, once you're in like say your 30's you'll see that age gap of 2 years as basically nothing in comparison of your entire life up to that point.

Yeah, at that point I wouldn't care at all but 16 to 18 is a big one for since 18 yo has much more rights than 16 yo.

Time when you are 18 it all evens out in the wash. Every one will be equal. Hang in there

Depending on where you live at that point maybe. It's really not that different from being any other age in your life. It may look like this mythical age where your whole life changes for the better, more freedom, more respect. It's like getting that expensive toy you've had your eye on when you were younger, It's cool for like 3 weeks then you realize its not all that great.
(Not trying to bring you down, more of giving you a perspective on it.)
It's really different for everyone. I'm 19, but IMHO you're still a kid until you're 25, thats about when the hype takes a stop and you start to slow down and say "yeah, okay I get it."


You will grow into it. Some people change lots as they get older others don't. My face actually looks more or less the same as it did when I was 14, since I turned 20 the evolution has basically just been wrinkles and now a subtlety receding hairline. I've normally been told I look a few years older than I actually do, and that app online that guesses your age was 10 years wrong! IMO people aged 22-35 all basically look the same :)

There's nothing wrong with looking slightly older, a two year gap is nothing. Better that you act your age than look it. What I mean is don't worry about the journey up the hill, you are young (16) and you look young (18)!

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As I've grown older it has become more difficult to distinguish ages, and I still remember like as 15 how much older even year older boys seemed. One thing for guys what affects surprisingly much is simply clothes, style = attitude. As 16yo guy I'd imagine you go just fine along with 13yo boys with right clothes.

For that bad thing, I dont think anyone thinks it that ways. At least I would have thought it being a bit cool, and maybe someone gets jealous and jokes about some silly thing? its school, that shit happens. Say back that you have small shrimp. :D

I shaved for the first time in 5th grade, had minor acne in 4th, and was asked for my drivers license in the 6th. I could grow a beard in the 8th. I was used to it. Who cares.

People always thought I was older than I actually was in high school too. They still do, which isn't a bad thing since I'm only 19. When I was 16 people were asking me if I had registered to vote yet.

Age doesn't matter. It's maturity. When I was 16 some of my best friends where in thier mid 20s.

Be happy that you're actually 16.

Be secretly disappointed that you may be a stupid 18+ person.

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I'm the opposite. I'm almost 30 and people think I'm 17 or 18...

I'm 26 served in the Army and everyone thinks I'm 20 and live with my parents T.T