People of Syndicate! Pro's and con's of Corsair 780T

So I am getting a new case next week and am drawn to this one for some reason. I am looking for personal feelings from anyone who would care to comment. And am up for suggestions on other cases as well if you dislike the one in question.

Thank you in advance and cheers

Well what kind of rig do you have?

Is it currently water cooled? Do you plan to water cool?

Why are you looking for a new case? Do you need something bigger or quieter?

Haven't had a chance to build one yet, unfortunately. Do you happen to be near Atlanta? ;P

This would be for a new build. I have not had a chance to figure out all the parts but it will be ATX and I will use an H110i for cooling. I am considering a Fury x. Not in crossfire and I plan to only use ssd's so that I could take those drive bays out.

Nope, not anywhere near Atlanta.

The 780T is a 750D but with flashy colours. The define r5 and define s would also be good options if you're not doing custom water cooling.

I will say what I always say...
You don't need flashy case, nor you need quiet case...
Phanteks Enthoo Pro M for example. Dual 140 intakes, stock comes with 200mm. Open front panel, so it will not restrict airflow, PSU chamber, separate from the internals, making the cable management a walk in the park, removable top 360/280/240 etc bracket for fans and rads, and so on and so forth...
My question is, what does 780T have over this case, to justify the price difference?
What does Define R5 or S have more than the Phanteks? Closed intake, restricted airflow, ugly roof modularity... Silence can easily be achieved with quiet fans on lower speed.
Be smart guys. Monster of a case is needed when monster of a hardware and cooling will be placed in it. 75$ good case that can fit 360mil, 280mil radiators and all other custom watercooling things...