Pentium(R) 4 3.00 Ghz compatible gpu?

My current GFX card in this system is a Matrox Milennium G550. It sucks. hard. It lags on youtube 90% of the time (this isnt MY comp, its my parents, but I still use it from time to time. can't even play in browser flash games at >15 fps) The PSU in this comp doesnt have any power connectors for a GFX card. Since the old pentium in here is in a socket 400 somethin board, it only has 1x pcie (i THINK, honestly unsure here) is there any GFX cards that dont require a power cable that'll fit with it? all I want is enough juice to launch something that requires DX9 (Tried to launch minecraft, nopenopenope). I'd be happy with 15-20 fps on minimum settings. This comp is almost unusable. Any Ideas? I'm pretty stuck here, And my parents are too cheap to buy a comp that costs more than 150$ every like 5 years.  pls halp 911 kthxbai


Would need the motherboard model to suggest something (although its probably not far from the scrapheap). The card in that thing is an AGP card and i dont think you can buy those anymore :P. 

No you can still get agps at best buy. just checked. fastest agp card? LOL i'd be happy just being able to not lag on yt


Look good? If its the same style as the old matrox it should work, right? will it be an improvement? LOL

Get more info on the PSU and interface. In theory, you can use any PCI-e x16 GPU on a PCI-e x1 slot if you make the modifications to make it fit. The catch, of course, it that you'll be limited to 1x bandwidth. Also, most GPU's come with 4pin molex to PCI-e power adapters, so if the PSU has suffecient amperage, you should have no problem running a GPU that needs a PSU connection

Also, Minecraft is an OpenGL game.

Anyway, I believe this card would fit the bill

thanks man :) I'll see if i can convince my parents on an upgrade ;)

does the motherboard in question have a PCI-e slot, anything with an AGP slot may not even have one :(

lol I'm pretty sure it has one. ill have to check though. dad wouldn't let me build it when we got it :c

if the board is AGP i doubt it has either PCI-E X4 or X16

And if not would this agp card be an imporvement? current one doesnt even support dx9

yes but the Geforce 6200 is still a very low end card

the 4670 is about the best you can get on AGP

yeah but its 120$ which is more than the rest of this sytem combined. LMAO. I just wanna be able to play minecraft or something while im waiting for my sis to get done with my comp

yeah that one is a better card and it will fit your mob's AGP slot. Also its dx9 and opengl 1.5 compliant. Minecrafts minimum rec specs is opengl 1.4

yeah, but it's about the cost of a 7770.

was refering to the geforce 6200 :)

OOOOHHH. ok ill check it out. thanks man. anything else?

only other things to point out is that other bit of the PC will also effect things like YT and games, RAM being the most obviouse thing. To get YT to run better have you tried other browsers?

ive tried firefox chrome and IE. they all run YT at 10-20 fps

well theres not really much more you can do, throwing money at a PC of that age is a bit of a waste. RAM is probably the only thing worth updating after the GPU if you wanted to.

Perhaps just cleaning the PC up as best you can might help a bit, removing uneeded junk and cleaning up the processes so the CPU has less work along with msconfig>startup options. Un needed things like toolbars and extensions can be removed to help out aswell.

Other than that i think the PC is as good as its going to get without wasting money.



we just got it cleaned out like a couple days ago, thats what inspired the upgrade. It is running a bit faster but only 3-4 fps. and its quieter. still sounds like a jet engine lol.


It's not actually that old. we got it like mebbe 6 months ago. it's just, it costed 100$. lol