Pentium G860 vs. I3 2120

i'm bulding a budget gaming computer and am going to use a GTX 660, will I see any considerable frame rate differences with the pentium as opposed to the i3?


yes. but on a bdget, your better off with an AMD A10.....

intel has a better upgrade path...

I built my current budget pc with the i3 2120, I have to say the little guy has some serious performance for the money.  I can run games like BF3 , Black Ops 3 etc on 1080p no problems and thats with a GTX 560.

If I were in your situation Id go intel as when you buy a Socket 1155 board to put your i3 in. You then also have a motherboard which you can later use if you want to upgrade your cpu to an i5 or i7, rather than if you go with AMD route your stuck with the performance limitations of the AMD cpus (in the scenario you decided you'd like something with a lot moAR horse power). 

I use a G860 on a H77 board. It's a decent dual-core. Runs Win8 smooth and all my games as well. Completely silent. Can always upgrade to i5-3570.

Cheap and reliable. But keep in mind it's a Sandy Bridge Pentium CPU, so running a G860 on Ivy board will limit you in some ways.

You won't get huge differences between the Pentium and the i3 in gaming. Everything else though, you will. Also, the i3-i5 upgrade path is silly, but pentium to i5 makes more sense.