Pentium G4560, where is it?

All the kaby lake pentiums are floating around but the one i want to buy. searching for about two weeks for something around the suggest msrp ($65) is killing me even with those price alert algorithms why does it not exist (ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

If you wait a couple more weeks you may be able to buy Zen quad core. It's a quad core. Like a real quad core. If you really want to get dual core, then I believe 4500 is the last 2 thread pentium, and everything with higher number is a 4 thread. 4600 is 2c/4t at 3,6... And there is 4620... So there is choise...

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Thanks for the suggestion but the zen prices arent around, and ive purchased the board. Just wondering about that particular cpu because the price is great (msrp) for the light gaming the machine will receive, and the other pentiums are readily available and somewhat closer to suggest retail

Why would you buy a Kaby lake pentium? It will have practically the same performance as a Haswel pentium, but be much more expensive....

My guess is because it has hyper threading and is $65.

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Here! Try a Kaby Patty.

I would get a phenom X6 instead.

Because having half as fast cache, system memory, and one third the IPC at three times the power draw is a great trade-off.

Also PCI-E 2.0 and USB 2.0 with no native 3.0.

wait for the USD$55-USD$75 ZEN
that is HOPEFULLY better then the lackbuster X4 860K quadcore
that just kept up with the G4400 duel core

And is also a quad core,that opens a lot wider range of applications, based on an 6 years old architecture and keeps up with the brand spanking new Kaby Lake...
I like your logic...

So far there won't be any such CPU. The lowest end Zen is said to compete with the higher end pentiums and i3... So my guess is they won't be priced as the lower end pentiums for 50 bucks...

I was just reading about zen today. The SR5 (4 core 8 thread) is supposedly going to cost around $150+ so the SR3 should probably fall into about the $90-100 range.