Pentium g +7870

if i get the pentium g860 and combine it with the radeon 7870 will i be bottlenecking the cpu?

Yes,there will indeed be a bottleneck.

i see, what about pairing it with the 7770?

Maybe. I don't suggest the pentium at all though.

how come?

What exactly is your budget,what do you plan on using this computer for,we could wip up a nice hefty build for you.

What about a Phenom II x4 965? It shouldn't bottleneck it too much and it's just a bit more expensive.

my budget is around 400-500 $ i dont need a dvd drive or hard drives because i already have them, a tad over your budget,but this is a huge improvement.

hmm thank yoyu very much

What tonychau123 posted is perfect, but if money is kind of a problem you can just go with the Phenom II x4 965

Thanks for your compliment! 

hey tony can u make me one for 400 too pls


There is no RAM...

Because it won't be able to handle many games......or really anything. I'd only buy it for a super budget web surfer.

This is a good build, it's $560, pretty much cheap as it gets if you don't want any bottleneck.