Pentium dual core VS i3

I have one question for my new system should i get a pentium or an i3? What ever I do get what type of i3 or pentium should i get like a 540 or a 560 or what, i was going to get a i5 3570k before but i just wanted the total to come under 1000. 

get a FX-4300 or FX-6300 the 6300 performs nearly the same as the 3570K, and the 4300 will outperform the I3s and Pentium by a wide margin

If you're spending $1000 and you can't afford an i5 you seriously need to reconsider your parts.

at that budget, a GPU is far more important than a CPU, its better to have a FX-6300 and 7950 than a i5-3570K and 7850 or 7870

the 1000 dollars includes a moniter, keyboard, mouse, opterating system, and a grounding strap

thanks man i decided to go with the fx-8320 and a 7970, i really apritiate the help man