Pentium build okay?



is this okay? for 1080p vs the amd a10 apu +6670? i wanna keep under 600 and includ a ssd

An A10 + 6670 will KILL a pentium and competition.

The SSD could be for the OS and a couple programs, or caching. Up to you lol.

Cut the SSD, and  you could do a phenom 965 or 975, both are like 80-90 bucks. Then you could add maybe a 7850. The APU + 6670 build is fine, I'd even get one for myself. It's just there's not alot of future upgradability for them.

Give me a budget?

"Under 600 including an SSD" I had a hard time reading through this as well haha.

depends on the size of the ssd


I would reccomend to wait for AMD "Richland" CPU APU... It will be FM2 socket like current gen AMD CPU-APU's and you can crossfire it with 7xxx radeon hd series, not sure what... Low end or high end...