Peltier Cooling?


so i just bought 2 of these things cus they look cool and i wanted to play with them. however, i thought maybe i could do some decent cooling with them. i have an nzxt havik 140 and my temps are really low, but is it possible to hoook one of these things up to to my cpu and use that also. and is it possible to rig this on my gpu. i have a sapphire hd 7950 if that helps and an i5-3550


That seems like a cool idea are you thinking of sandwiching it between your cpu and cooler? 

thats kind of what i had in mind, i was just curious if anyone has done it, if its efficient, and how to set it up

Just don't do it. I've done the math on it before in this forum. Basically what you do is create a heatsource in your PC with a TDP of the CPU's TDP + the energy that the Peltier element requires. You still have to cool the peltier element, and it will require more cooling than just the CPU.

Zoltan is correct. It will generate extra heat, AND you will have to deal with condensation, and possibly destruction of the CPU on the cool side.