PeerBlock equivalents for Linux / Mac OSX?

Now that I no longer have a Windows machine I need to get a PeerBlock equivalent for Linux (or Mac OS X). What do you guys use or recommend?

I really should get a VPN as well...

I'm not familiar with peerblock or *guardian, but i'd imagine there's iptable rules

Just out of curiosity, what do you want to blacklist and why?

yeah is there a peerblocker for Linux I want that as well :D

I just want a basic programme that blocks know anti p2p companies, governments, etc... entities. PeerBlock gets it's list from if i remember correctly.

yup they get their lists from Iblocklist

Honestly blocking a range of IP's isn't that useful, a properly configured firewall (usually default) will drop all incoming traffic you're not asking for, so they're already dropping those packets. But if you want to for some reason connect to an address that happens to be on the blacklist you won't get any data back, so in the end you're just shooting yourself in the foot. In other words; you'd just be restricting yourself.

Using iptables is probably the best way of doing it. have a look at this: