PearOS look a like - Snowblack Linux

I am sure then when PearOS ceased to exist, many of the Linux community were saddened. No longer could they look like one of the cool rich kids with a Mac. But fear not. Because Snowblack , created by Brazilian Rodrigo Marques, has brought back PearOS. Obviously, due to copyright issues and such the name and logo has changed. But it looks exactly like PearOS, which looks exactly like Mac OS X. It looks so much like Mac OS X I could not tell the difference right off the bat.

It can be found on Sourceforge:

Saw the desktop, noticed the icons, nope.

saw sourceforge, nope.


Why's everyone hating. I think it looks kinda cool and accurate. The logo and panel are a little ugly to be honest but for the most part its pretty cool.

I never really understood why people would want their Linux environment to look like OS X because it just seems like wasted potential to me. You can literally make a Linux environment look like anything you want and yet people just default to OS X with no originality at all .

I have a better question.

What does this offer that other distros don't?

All I see is the selling point of this Distro is that it's trying to be Mac OS X. which isn't a good thing and isn't a selling point.. the GNOME desktop already looks and behaves similar to Mac OS X..

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I guess an excuse for people wanting the Mac OS X look, is because the people who use Mac OS X want to have their new place (linux) feel like home to them and have it feel more comfortable. Like when someone moves to a new country they want to emulate their life in the old country in their new country. But once they take off their "training wheels" they realize that they want to be more in tune with that new country's culture. One of these days maybe a user will realize that they do not need a Mac OS X desktop to make them feel more at home with Linux and they will change to a different DE or WM.

But like most Linux distro's this is just a re-skin of another distro. Nothing besides visual stimulation is different.

the XP theme is the #1 theme for KDE. People like what is familiar. It's preference.

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@FaunCB @KenPC saw both, nope².

Fair point, I guess I just find impersonating another OS to be strange but I try to embrace change whenever possible because I generally believe it is a good thing. When I first started using Linux, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS to be exact I never once thought "This needs to look like Windows XP/7", because Gnome 2 was awesome and it worked really well without making it look/feel like Windows but that is just my opinion on it.

China is going to have a field day with this. All the fake macs!

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Its basicly just Ubuntu 14.04 with Mac OSX theme.
PearOS is basicly Snowblack linux.

So linux that looks like OSX? Yeeaahhh... thanks but no thanks, I prefer to distance myself as far from that crowd (apple users) as possible. I do get it... ppl like their Mac UI, but its linux ppl make it your own.

Mac OS X is what would happen if Linux became Mainstream and successful.

With PearOS what is the difference to Elementary OS

Elementary has its own ui.
Pantheon desktop.

OK, Now I see. said the bind man

Not that I really care, just wanted to ask the question

There is also a mac osx lookish OS based on Arch,
called Apricity OS.

It''s stock Desktop environment is GNOME though there is also a Cinnamon Option for Apricity.

Personally if People want to try Arch but don't want to build it, Manjaro is excellent for what it is. Plus it works out the box even with the most horrendously supported hardware like Broadcom.

Yeah well the thing is.
For people who realy like Mac OSX look, you can basicly make any OS look like Mac OSX.
The Snowblack linux, is simply just Ubuntu with some theming.
Atleast thats what i´m thinking.

Also they made Snowblack Linux based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.
Which will be replaced by 16.04 LTS soon.
So i´m not realy sure how relevent the OS will be.