Peak in hardware?

Hey guys, just wanted to ask.  With the advent of a slower less noticible progression in hard ware, from generation to generation.  Do you think we will soom move away from semi-annual upgrades for computers?  In previous generations each new generation bought in a huge noticible change in performance, but as of late the improvments have been less and less noticable.  Do you think within the next 5-10 years hardware upgrades will less imporant than running a more customized or "fitted" OS.  Much like how games were built just for specific hardware, allowing developers to squeeze the most out of each system.

We will leave silicon behind and make the same laeps and bounds we originally saw with silicon-based processors in quantum computations, most likely. Physics is beginning to be a bitch in terms of how small we can make transistors.

I was just thinking the same. Quantum architecture would, if finally ready, change the hardwarecomposition & lineup dramaticly. will there be a hybrid period? think about it, certain components quantum, and certain components retro to keep it managable?

I read an article once, it claimed that with the next generation of transistors, the latency requirement would be so strickt that we would have to switch to optical 'wiring' like you say.