PCSX2 Compatibility

I've been trying to get this ps2 emulator working at full speed, but even when using the settings I saw in tutorials, I could only manage to crank out about 15 fps in killzone. And I have a beefy system (8350 and 7950 oc). My question is, does this emulator prefer intel processors, because of their per-core performance? 

short answer



post a screen cap of your GPU settings and system settings of PCSX2 and I'll tell you what to change


What Paw said. Set a custom resolution for whatever res your monitor supports. That's way too high.

Okay. I also heard that the renderer is faster if it's set to software instead of hardware. Should I do that too?

Hardware acceleration is always faster.

Also, DirectX 9 is faster than 11, but 11 runs with less errors.

Ok guys, I have it running at full speed! Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it.

Also enable the MTVU option. It doesn't work on all games, but provides a massive boost when it does.