PCIe x16 1.0 slot?

How much of a bottleneck witll a PCIe x16 1.0 slot be compared to a 2.0? And for that matter, 3.0?

with modern graphics cards, the only ones that would possibly fill up a pcie 1.0 x16 would be a gtx 690 or radeon 7990. however, that does not say anything about the future.... 

however, your not going to find a mobo with pcie 1.0 these days unless you take it off an old computer. anything that is from 06 or newer is probably going to have pcie 2.0, and modern intel boards have 3.0. right now, your never going to saturate the pcie 2.0.

I was asking because I have a cheap Biostar board I bought last year that only has a 1.0 slot, and I plan on getting a 650 Ti. Thanks for the info.

Just to make sure, are you sure you don't mean PCI-E 1x?, because even most old MB's (05,06,07) had at least PCI-E 1.1 and most boards post 2007 have at least PCI-E 2.0 if not now PCI-E 3.0

Want to post up your MB model number?

Either way, the 650 Ti will work just fine on a PCI-E 1.1 slot, I used to run a GTX 480 on a PCI-E 1.1 slot which was never bottlenecked by the bus, it's the CPU that is usually the bottleneck in most systems. 

It's an x16, box said so. It's the Biostar N68S3+. It might be 1.1, I just know it's not 2+.

Ok so I got to the bottom of your PCI-E its actually a PCI-E 1.0a which has the same bandwidth as 1.1 but some slight differenciation on specs. Still the GTX 650 Ti should be just fine on that BUS.

So your mobo is the exception to the general rule in terms of PCI-E version for it's age.

hehe, I remember when my dad bought a pcie sound card for our computer after the mobo one went out.... only to find out that it didn't have ANY pcie, only pci..... (prolly like 10 yrs old now, an emachine...)

Alright, thanks.