Pcie quad m.2 adapter odd behavior

So i found a io crest quad m.2 adapter (which is also sold under other brands i saw)

if it matters:
MB = asrock x570m pro4

I went to use it and as i put it in the top pcie x16
(which i already set to 4x4 mode the previous shutdown)

the cpu and dram debug leds light up and the front case fan begins to spin slowly (under 100rpm)

i thought it odd and decided to abort trying to power on.

anyone know whats up?

Does it happen when this card is connected into any other x16 PCIe slot ?

Even if you have not configured any PCIe lane bifurcation yet, it would be a good test to see if maybe you have a faulty card.

its the only x16 slot i have

i might try to find another system to test it in… just dont know if i have any other MBs that can bifurcate…