PCIE passthrough on ESXI 7.0

I have a MSI TRX40 Pro 10G board (not using the 10G card), TR3970X, 256GB DDR4, 2 nVidia RTX4000, 2 AMD Fire Pro WX7100, 2 PCIE4 M.2 SSDs, 5 SATA SSDs.

My issue is that the bottom slot with my second AMD card is seen in Vsphere 7 and can toggle pass through on, but when I assign it to a VM, it won’t boot and just gives a general can’t power on error.


Does it need to isolate the card before passing through?
Or, like unbind the system default driver?

I’m not sure. I am not very familiar with VMware. I am mostly a hyper V guy, but pass through seemed to be easier on VMware.

Well, I might suggest it might not be easier, if it does not work?

Just joking.

Is the card designed for virtualisation, or just a consumer card?

Oh, just re-read, the w7100, I guess it should be easier.

It is a workstation card, the other 3 cards worked flawlessly. It’s just this 4th card that’s not working. I have 4 VMs, each VM has a card, 1 not working.

I’m gonna step back, as I don’t have any experience with the cards.

As you are succeding with the other ones, I would guess it’s a system issue/ config that needs to be amended (rather than an option setting on the actual vm itself), but it’s beyond my knowlegde

cool deal, thanks for trying.

I removed the GPU that was having issues and now the other AMD card VM won’t boot. I think the host is trying to use it as well. I am now looking for a solution to make the host truly headless and not access any GPUs, if that’s possible.

update: I have decided to just get a cheap PCIEx1 GPU to use for host.

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well, that didn’t work. It seems to only not work for whatever is in PCIe slot 2. Anyone else have any input? Or maybe recommend another board for us to try?