PCIe nvme adapter

During the one of the recent videos talking about Optane and PCIe NVMe adapters with PCIe switching so you don’t have to bifurcate your ports. Does anyone have any recommendations on PCIe NVMe adapters that have PCIe switching?

all of them are kinda expensive to be honest whats your budget and goals? 4 devices ? 2 etc

I bought four for the Optane 58GB drives and I have a R720 that I installed TrueNAS on. I was thinking of setting up two different PCIe adapters so that way if one fails I’m still ok.

There isnt really a good solution for you that i am aware of. Something like an HBA generally works for u.2 connections so you would need to adapt your m.2 Optane to U.2 in order to get it to work how you would want.

@wendell showed in the video a PCIe card that had PCIe switching for up to 4 m.2 ports ( I have the M.2 Optanes) that were supposed to work with motherboards without bifurcation. I also know there are ton of different versions out there and some are better than others. I’m not sure I need something for U.2 since my Optanes are just M.2 2280s.=

Oh you have to tear apart a premade solution for that, I am not aware of any boards that are not populated that do that are easily available (I think there are some liquid solutions that do that)

Apparently some but plenty expensive

If two M.2 ports are enough, for a just 1/3 of the price of the Highpoint adapter:

StarTech.com Dual M.2 PCIe SSD Adapter Card - x8 / x16 Dual NVMe or AHCI M.2 SSD to PCI Express 3.0 - M.2 NGFF PCIe (M-Key) Compatible - Supports 2242, 2260, 2280 - JBOD - Mac & PC (PEX8M2E2)



With an onboard ASM2824 switch so that you don’t need PCIe bifurcation on the mobo.

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