PCIE bifurcation single 16x to 8*8 with dual riser

My MSI b450m bazooka supports bifurcation from the 16x slot to 4x4x4x4 for their quad m.2 card
Would that mean it also has support for 8x8 bifurcation too on a different riser

I think I got one in my Dell server I can Chuck in to test

Make sure you get one with additional 12V power for the slots. If you drive 2 cards and both pull 75W from the single slot, you’re gonna break the power pins.

For my particular project I’m trying to get SLI working on a single slot with modded drivers (which is it’s own can of worms)

So the slots are too close together so I’m going to have to use an additional riser per bifurcation slot anyway I’m going to use a powered riser on each taking care of the double power requirements

Man this is the best there is for powered riser that has more than 1x bandwidth
Guess I can hotspot the cap in place for better durability

@GigaBusterEXE have you by any chanse make it work? Have you encountered any problems? Currently looking for bifurcatuion adapters for my x79 chinese motherboard, and Dell UL94V-0 would be great, because of 16x to 8x8x capability. It would be used to accomodate two HBA’s to my new storage server project. Thanks in advance for any response :wink:

Don’t want to be more necrophile than last week’s frogs but did anyone ever see an AM4 motherboard with x8-x8 bifurcation within the same slot?

I don’t think I ever have since x8-x8 usually means muxing 8 PCIe lanes away from the GPU PCIe x16 slot to a secondary one.