PCIe and SLI

Hey I currently have the ASUS z87 Gryphon board with a single 780 and was considering SLI-ing in the future. My only problem is that I also wanted to add a sound card, but it seems like with the way that the 8x/8x PCIe slots are set up, this isn't possible. The goal was to have all 5 expansion slots filled with the sound card sandwiched between the graphics cards. Does anyone know if that bottom slot will be able to do SLI properly or if I can use an extender to get underneath one of the graphics cards to move the sound card off the board at all?

All advice is appreciated thanks for reading.

No no and no. OK fine. yes kinda. 


1: For your second card get a single slotted 780. Then you will be able to use the last PCIe slot.


2: You can use a old IDE cable or is it PATA? Idk. you take that cable expose the copper then stick it in the slot. Take the other end and solder it to your sound card.

OKk the second one was kinda a troll. But still can work. Go with number one. Best bet to not mess things up.

A single slot 780? I'm pretty sure those don't exist.

Your right. LOL maybe in the future.

I have the same problem but it's with a PCI sound card. The second video card covers the slot i just gave up. But if you want to do it you can buy a PCI-E extension cable.

well its indeed crap  the pci-e  slots are slot one is X16 slot two is X8 and slot three is X4.

So i would say just be happy with your onboard sound chip.