PCI Wireless Card

I am currently using some $15 pci wireless card and it is possible the worst thing ever.  I bought titanfall and it is nearly unplayable due to the lag.  I am getting around 245ms ping in game.  Granted the router that we have isn't the greatest, but it got the job done on my laptop, so that leads me to believe that the problem is the wireless card.  Is there a wireless card that is good enough to play a game like titanfall with minimal lag that I can get for under 30$, it can go over, but it would be nice if I could keep it around 30$.  Also it needs to be pci, not pci e.  I don't have an open pcie slot.

Have you considered Powerline adapters? Still not as good as a proper network cable but way better than wireless. They have come down in price in the last few years, might be worth investigating.

I have looked into them, but I read some things that steered me away from them, have you used them?  I am looking at these if they will be good enough for me to play lag free.


bump is the powerline adapter above ok?

yes that one is good. make sure you activate the locking part. it has a button you can press that will allow you lock the 2 devices together so if your neighbor trys to use one it will not connect to yours. and make sure you only plug them right to the wall, do not plug them into a power supply, the least interference the best! :) 


I work for radio shack and we sell something very close to that, I have gotten great reviews!

i use power-line adapters and they're very good. The ones you linked to aren't the ones i have so i can't comment on the specific brand. I would choose the 500mbps or 600mbps models rather than the 200mbps ones. It's worth the extra money. Also, get a model with a gigabit (10/100/1000) ethernet port so you can wire to the adapter without being constrained by a 10/100 connection.

It's worth the extra few dollars imo. Make sure you buy it from somewhere with an exchange/return policy because they'll most likely either work really well, or not at all due to how your house is wired.

Also, have you tested just wiring your computer directly to the router to see if the problem is your wireless and not something else?