Pci-e ssd

I have two parts to my question. Is it generally worth it to upgrade to a PCI-E SSD for a home/gaming pc and do you see us moving away from SATA to use PCI-E either exclusively or inclusively in the near to mid future.

>Worth upgrading to PCIE storage. No, unless you have very deep pockets or need one for a highworkload server. SSD's are quite cheap now per gb.

>It will be no different from any other transition of storage media - ide to sata etc. Will just take time. I'd say once 4k+ textures are the norm then maybe there will be a need for PCIE storage to quicken up game load times etc.

for a cheaper solution i've seen some pci-e>sata adapter cards, i guess sata3 is actually a bottleneck for good ssds

Depend : Lot of "PCI-E SSD" are in fact Sata/Raid controler with one or two "Sata" SSD soldered on it... In that case, it's better to have a real Raid card plus 2 or more real SSD or just use your Sata3 raid you might have onboard, less expensive.

sata is just more compact, and you can locate the stuff away from the mobo.... there's just only so much space on the mobo....

and pcie ssd's are fkn expensive