PC World...... PC? as in Personal Computers?

So went to PC world, politely asked one of the sales assistants

"excuse me kind sir, could you possibly point me in the direction of your cpu's? im a trifle lost in these aisles of over priced tech" (not quite that polite)

a simple reply was given from the sales assistant. "we do not sell cpu's"


I would not expect to go to KFC to find they do not sell chicken. What gives?

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they sell cars, they don't sell engines.


i get that but when you call your company "world" i would expect a lot more. maybe they should just because PC County or PC street

its like Car World, doesn't mean they sell cars either. I know what you mean, but again its a shop for common masses. (most won't even know whats a cpu.)

yeah true but its more frustrating when i know they used to sell them and also you can buy many things from there that are not computer related. arguably a cpu is the most computer related thing ever lol

Pc world in the UK has slowly retreated from component sales over the past decade. I popped in the other day and the only bits of interest to a home builder were a few over priced GPUs.

Since the online businesses took off there is no money in selling components. Holding much stock of products that see frequent refreshes and price changes with minimal markup is not good business sense.

Back in the 90's there were proper computer shops, the kind of places that ran their own BBS pre internet and held masses of dusty stock on packed shelves. Nowadays you need to diversify and sell at least phones, tablets and laptops and have aprime high street location.