PC Work Build

Hello to Logan and the teksyndicate team and also anyone else who may stumble across my Drivle.


My qusetion involves (as im sure youve seen thousands of before) asking about my new build.

I will use it for many uses including:

Heavy Gaming,

Game Local Recording and Live streaming (twitch mainly),

Game Design,

Large amounts of Video Editing, E.G. PREMIERE PRO CS6

Still Image Editing,

Audio Editing.

Other Than Gaming, all of these are for either collage or work. I HAVE seen all of you pc build videos and they are very informative. however being the picky seventeen year old welsh boy that i am i fint that they dont have enough fizz and zing (eye candy). ive build many pcs in my life but i want to move away from my Gigabyte Z7X-D3H motherboard and small amount of RAM (32GB can still fill quickly when you get into the flow of things =P.) so preferably i want to have a 2011 board so i can have more room to stretch my legs with the build. Money is not an issue so if any recommendations can be given aswell as nice eyecandy parts, i would be eternally grateful.




Thanks for your time i eagerly await your answers.


What's your budget.

There is no Budget at all. ive been saving up for years and i doubt a PC can cost more than 30,000 lol so i can happliy treat myself a bit =)

Just throw out a budget, will you? Unless you have an infinite bank account, that is.

Wait, are you saying that we hae $30,000 to work with here? For the rig, and monitors?Are you sure? Will you make your money back?

this is one of those things where you save up for ages and you sort yourself out and yes no matter the cost trust me ill make it back. the sky is the limit

Well, time to go for 4 Xeons or 4 Opterons, with 4 Xeons being a better solution, and 4 Opterons being cheaper.

Since the motherboards themselves are hard enough to come by, and the Xeons themselves so scarce in the consumer world, and, I hate that I'm saying this, if you want to go for quad Xeons, you need to start with a prebuilt. THIS prebuilt. You could try to go with this mobo, and some used 7500 series Xeons, but... Either way, up to 1TB of RAM, and plenty of CPU power.

If you went with Opterons, you could much more easily get a quad Opteron, 64-core, 64-thread 4P rig going, for roughly the same money. More threads, more cores, but less per-core performance. Up to 512GB of memory, but heavily limited PCIe lanes, just like on the Xeon setup (server boards are not optimized for multi-GPUs. Some of the "rarer" boards offer up to 1TB of memory on an Opteron setup, like this one, but the 256 and 512GB models are much more common. I recommend the Opteron 6282s, which are a great mix of p/p, but I wouldn't buy them new; look on Ebay, they float for about $500.

In terms of RAM, I would get 16GB ECC sticks, 1600mHz, with as low as a CL as physically possible. Kingston has some great DIMMS available. If you wanted to be insane, you could get some EK Monarch memory module waterblocks and watercool all of your memory, but I wouldn't recommend watercooling at this budget as much as I would recommend some nice Noctua coolers, and lots of case fans.

For the PSU, you should look into connectivity more than wattage. A quad-CPU rig will run fine off of a 500W PSU, but with the amount of storage you will be dealing with, and the fact that you need 4 8-pin EPS cables for the 4 CPUs, I would get an AX1200. You will still need Y-splitters for the EPS cables, and this one seems really popular, but any PSU from both my, and the OCN recommended PSU list, with two EPS 8 pin connectors, will work fine.

For CPU coolers, you may have to DIY your brackets, just depends. Depends on if you get the Xeon or the Opteron setup, which socket to look for compatability with.

GPUs... Depends on what your software uses. Either Firepros, or Teslas, with Firepros being much more powerful for the price, even beating out the more expensive Teslas. Good budget Firepro is the V7900, but if you are really serious, and with this budget, you are, get a Firepro S10000, or two, or three, and run them in a one card per VM type setup.

Storage. You will need a lot of storage. How does 10TB of Crucial M500 SSDs sound? Easily within the budget, and much better than HDDs. Sure, it's $6000, but 10TB of SSD :) Buy a few TB of HDDs for backups, and you're set.

haha a little bit more easily optainable items would proberbly be more helpful =3 and that link you sent me was ugly as sin XD it has to look the part and as long as it works well for the peramiters i need. dual xeon maybe for working with videos and things. WAYYYYYY TO OVERKILL. preferably id like at least 1866 mhz memory speeds and finally ill point out i have over 30TB of data in this room thats why i have external drives gallore. i like the idea and its a fun one for the books but lets make a few lists with more eye poppers. ill admit i was surprised a board like that existed XD it looks awesome lol

I used to work on a dual Xeon workstation with a Tesla K20. It was awesome. I would just do dual E5's and a k20 on a workstation board with 64gb of ram, a big 1gb PCIe SSD and a couple pf mechanical drives in a NAS somewhere far enough away not to hear it. Use Scythe Gentle typhoons throughout , and perhaps those Noctura  CPU coolers Logan and Wendell reviewed. If you wanted to go full liquid cooling g owith a Titan instead of a K20. You will save a pile of paper, and you will lose a lot of capabilities, but i do not think that will matter for the work you describe. 

Put it all in a Case Labs case with a nice big window and some outrageous powder-coating (perhaps purple). Actually, the only absolute I can recommend is the Case Labs case and an E5 or two. 

If you want pretty, go for a dual 2011 Xeon rig, or dual 1366 Xeon rig, with an Asus Z9PE-D8 WS for 2011 Xeons, or an EVGA SR-2 for 1366 Xeons.

Welcome to the world of 4P rigs; you don't pay for looks, you pay for performance.

Yeah, for your useage, something like this might be more ideal. It's not quite quad xeons, but you still will have been throwing money away for quite some time by this point. You will want to install a custom loop in this build, which will take a lot of research, and involves some personal preference, so I didn't include any parts for that in the list.

hmmm powder coated case sounds good i didnt think of that. i like it. i wish perfomance and looks could come hand in hand still. maybe get a vynal printed for the side of the case?? and thankyou for the purple idea that sounds awesome =D

If you want custom watercooing, I can help :)

Is it an option?

i can do fittings and stuff as i have in the past and it hasnt failed me but id love some referances to some parts that you thing would add some good character to the build. ANARMYPIG, thankyou and ill store that rig idea aswell as looking into the baught up dual xeon idea for the RAM aspect of things =D

Well, I can get some parts put together for you in the morning. I have some Breaking Bad to watch.

dude breaking bad is amazing you watch away its worth it =)

ok ive chosen all of the items exept water cooling ideas if anyone has anything to share this would be very helpful e.g. rads and fans