PC Won't Start

My custom built PC quit working this morning..I don't really know why. It was working this morning but I had to go out and ask my local computer shop if they had a SATA cable as I got my computer upgrades yesterday (I have yet to install any of them). So I shut down my computer and got into it and turned one of the fans around so it would blow air out of the case. I was gone for an hour, and now it refuses to turn on at all. I have checked all the cables to make sure they are connected but it still will not start up. The are no indicator lights showing it is getting any power. The computer is connected to the same outlet as my router/modem and it is working fine. I did try connecting to a different outlet but it changed nothing. My specs are as follows.

AMD Phenom II x4 965

EVGA GTX 650 2gb Superclocked

2x 4gb Patriot Viper 1600mhz RAM

2x 7200rpm HDD


2x Case Fans

1x Aftermarket CPU Heatsink

1x USB 3.0 Expansion Card

Cooler Master 500w PSU

Disconnect all power connections from your motherboard and jump the power supply from the 24 pin, find pin 14 on the 24 pin ( use the motherboard manual to figure out which one it is) and using a paperclip bridge pin 14 with any of the ground pins (they have black wires), and make sure the rocker switch on the back of the supply is set to on

Thank you for the response, the manual doesn't specify what pin is the 14th. I forgot to add my motherboard model. It is an ASRock 770iCafe AM3+ motherboard.

Kiaxa is saying to connect the green wire on your power supply (there's only 1) to any of the black wires on the 24 pin connector using a paperclip. This will test to see if your power supply is dead or not.

Ah ok, if it isn't dead will I get a spark? This wont fry me if I'm touching the metal? (couldn't find a paper clip, hope a staple will work.)

Here is a diagram

Make absolutely certain that you have disconnected the power supply from ALL parts. Let me know if it powers on

That pin is the pin that tells the power supply to start you should get no sparks

I nearly pooped myself when the fan started turning..so does that mean the motherboard is fried?

No, that means that the power supply is fine, now we move onto checking the motherboard.

Good good, now how do I test the motherboard?

Plug all of the power connectors back in and attempt to power the system on again.

It will not start up. Although when I pressed the start button I saw my CPU fan spin a little bit but stop. Is my CPU fan the issue? It is a 4 pin connector but the header is only a 3 pin. It has always worked in the past so I don't know why it would be the problem now.

Look for a CR2032 battery somewhere on the motherboard and remove it, let the system set for about 15 minutes with the battery removed (This will clear the CMOS and revert any changes to the bios back to default), put it back in and try to power on again.

Your fans are of no concern, it seems the problem is with your motherboard

The battery is stuck in there really good. I don't want to break it trying to remove it with pliers. If the CMOS battery has something to do with it can't I just perform a Clear CMOS? My motherboard manual shows that it has a Clear CMOS Jumper at the bottom of the motherboard.

No problem I got it out. Actually very simple..I've just never done it before so I was clueless.

I left the battery out for about 30 minutes, but upon placing it back in and pressing the start button, it does not start.

Does the post code led light up when you try to turn on the system?

Also, make sure you have the 8 pin supplemental power connector plugged in

I have everything plugged in correctly and the LED does not light up.

This is starting to sound like a dead board.

Has that board ever been overclocked?

No, I have never attempted overclocking. I don't feel it necessary.