Pc won't boot unless i use a DVI port

Specs :
AM3+ 970-A MSI Krait Black Edition
MSI 960 4Gb variant
Hi, been a while since i spoken on here (busy with school and work) but one issue occurs on my PC. It won't boot unless you conect it to a monitor with VGA. Before i had it with only one HDMI monitor and work perfectly fine without VGA but now when i unplug it doesn't work.
I suggest the problem is either the graphics card or the motherboard it self.

The only way i can get it to a single monitor or to add more monitors to it is by load the os up then disconnect the display.
The post code i get on the bottom right hand corner is "99" which on other forums mean a wide variety of things which gave me no luck from there.
Has anyone have this issue or know how to solve it?

The first thing I can think of is a simple CMOS clear. After that I would test the GPU on another system and get a different GPU to test on your system aswell.
Something you can do right now is swap the GPU on the other x16 slot and see if the system boots with an HDMI monitor.

Hmm alright I'll see if there is any change.

Does it refuse to boot, or will it boot but no image?
I encountered a similar issue with a GTX 970, back when I switched from DVI to DisplayPort monitors. What I didnt know at the time was that the card has an affinity order to all the outputs; since DVI was 3rd in line, the main image would carry over to the television, regardless of it being powered on or off. I dont know of a way to switch that order, since it's baked into the firmware; I just had to live with the fact that my TV would have to remain unplugged if I wanted to see the boot screen. Hopefully your issue is similarly benign

I see the one poster said test the video card in another system and yes I agree with that advice but also test the video card in the other pci-e slots on your motherboard in the pc it is supposed to be in.