Pc wont boot after cleaning dust

So I took apart all of my pc cleaned up the fans n everything and left it overnight to dry in morning put iy all back together pushed the power on button on the mobo and it doesn't boot at all I checked the socket pins none of them bent checked everything on mobo all is fine and gpu atmom ive no idea what could be the problem

My specs are

P5q-e mobo

Intel core 2 quad q6600

4870 amd

4gb ddr 2 ram

Kingston hyper x 3k 120gb ssd

500gb old hdd


I tried only connecting 1 hdd/ssd didint work either

Take out everything expect CPU + cpu fan, does it boot?


What do you mean by "cleaned up the fans n everything and left it overnight to dry"? how did you clean your pc?

You washed it with what... If it was a liquid.. congratulations you are the worlds biggest imbecile and good luck building a new PC because you've most likely broken everything. Also what anti-static precausions did you take?.. I'm assuming none. I think in this case it's most likely you destroyed something or everything. 

Used coffe filter cloths and hair dryer as for anti static used the wrist band

At work atmom so can't test it but will try CPU n heat sink after work

doesn't explain the "left it over night to dry" part.

clear cmos, remove battery.

When you use compressed air it often leaves moisture (very slight and evaporates quickly), is this what you used? 

As far as I know hair dryer I used doesn't use compressed tank

As for the leaving it overnight to dry is extra precaution in case some moisture from enviroment or me may have gotten on it

Was the hair dryer on hot?.. 

@theproducer not really would say Mildly hot

As for testing I put only cpu+heat sink in but forgot to plug heat sink in it booted but I quickly unplugged power cuz I though chip would burn without heatsink than plugged in heatsink and tried to boot didint boot tried putting everything no boot so no idea atmom seems like CPU is dead if im right? As for psu im sure its working considering mobo led lights up

edit Thanks for all the hell although im not sure what but reputting everything together n blowin some holes made it boot Thanks for all the help again

Re-seating kit is always a starter to trouble shooting hardware

I did that good few times today last time said fuck it went on lappy watched movies than said fuck it leme try again pluged power pressed boot n worked like magic wondering what changed though over time I was watching movie

Yeah all good you got it up and running again.  But for future reference never ever mention you let a PC components out to "DRY".  It fucks with our brains as if the fabric of the universe changed and turned Beer into Wine.......Yuk.