PC with a FX8320 and a R9 290

I have found a deal on a pc unfortunately I can only buy it as a hole item and not the separate components therefore upgrading a part would be expensive . Please bare in mind that I live in the UK and pc prices are in general higher here than in the US. It is priced at £755 ($1202) so if anyone has any suggestions or knows of a better deal please let me know. 

Best regards Drew

Cpu: A fx 8320 @4GHZ 

PSU : Powercool X-Viper 750W 80+ Bronze 

RAM : 8GB 1333Mhz DDR3 RAM


GRAPHICS CARD : R9 290 4gb

Not too bad for a prebuilt system.  An equivalent:


Thank you for your response and I think that that is would be better.

Best regards Drew

This build look good the only thing i want to mention is the case choice, this case does not have a usb 3.0 port. the mobo does have a front usb 3.0 header. well if you dont care about that, then its nice, if you do like it you could look at a Fractal design core 3000 usb 3.0 case thats a nice and cheap case, or a NZXT tempest 210.

grtz Angel ☺

I have just found out that this pc also comes with farcry 3, farcry3 blood dragon, bioshock infinite, Sleeping dogs and firefall so that may sway my decision, however there may still be many deals that offer netter performance than this for less so if you know of ant please let me know.

Best regards Drew

Sounds like the pre-built system is bundling the codes that come with AMD's GPUs(Never Settle Forever bundle) and some of nVidia's stuff as well.  I know in the US that we can get the games when we buy GPUs, but I don't know if that applies in your country.

The never settle forever does still apply in the U.K.