PC will not start, what is broken and which galant hero can save me?

When i was playing some War thunder today my PC suddenly crashed, no biggie i thought, it happens more often. The screen it ahd when crashing was a black screen with white vertical lines. I tried to power it on but i couldnt. So i tried changing the power cord, plugging it in another outlet but to no avail.

 I took my system apart, removed the gfx card, pci lan cards, replaced the huge cooler with the stock one and tried  again. Nothing, what about with other sticks of ram? nothing.

 I tested the power supply, it worked. (i bridged the green line with a black one, a fan i connected turned on).

 But still when connecting it to the mobo nothing worked, started spinning etc.  

I bridged the power supply pins and it still wouldnt work.

Does anyone have something i could try or does anyone know what is broken?

The CPU?

Or the Mobo?


My system:

i5 2500K

Asrock z77 pro3

Cooler master GX lite 500 watt

XFX HD6870


What about using a POST card? Does anyone know a good one or is this even a good 'solution'?

well if your machine wont even post, then it's most likely your motherboard

Thats what i thought too, i just wondered if there was something i overlooked.

Ill create a new thread looking for a motherboard. Because i havent been following them at all.

i would look into the cause aswell, like a surge, or your psu not being too voltage stable. dont wanna a blow another board. espicially if its not the boards fault for being blown

Well the PSU seems to be oke, i measured the voltage and its a steady 11.63

So id say its within the marge.

However it could of course have had a sudden surge. but theres no way to test that.

Try bread-boarding it?  

Try disconnecting the front USB connectors from the motherboard. I've had two computers that wouldn't post because of faulty USB plugs. 

Could you please explain?

I did, my motherboard is outside the case, with just the cpu and ram installed.

unfortunately not, you could always invest in surge protected sockets and a ups. the only way to tell really is if you noticed your lights flickering/dimming and or your monitor doing the same while using your pc, theese are also sympotoms of white/blackouts. but they wont always show when it happens.