Pc will not shut down

I am having a problem that is driving me up the wall. Well, 2 actually both happens about the same time. First my nic disappeared tried to load the driver again but the mb physically doesn't see it w/e. Ill buy a new nic. Second problem and the most annoying is my pc will not shut down. 

I click start/shutdown and it goes down and immediately starts back up. If I hold the power button down it cuts off. Then cuts right back on


Mobo is a ga-970a-ud3


I reloaded windows flashed the bios. U name it. 

Have you checked the bios settings, maybe there is something in there that is turning it back on?

I have tried everything that I can think of. I downloaded the latest BIOS from gigabytes website and flashed that then went back in to the bios to make sure that everything was set correctly, same results.

I have tried different video cards hard drives ram...

Just to make sure it wasnt a short of some sort I took it out of the case and have it on a test bench now.

Also, I just tried another power supply. Same results. I guess the board is fried. I just have never seen a fried board that works.. minus the nic

Unplug the power, done.

Wake on LAN settings?