PC will not boot into BIOS help nedeed

Hi lads, so I just recently built a PC for a friend of mine, these are the specs:

FX 8320
Cooler Master TX3
Msi 970A Krait Edition
R9 390 XFX

And when the anomaly started to happen, he was playing BF4 when suddenly the screen freezes and static noise starts to come from the Monitors speakers (He is using HDMI audio), BF4 was not what stopped working, but the entire PC. I clicked the reset button and let it boot again and nothing! The image for the mobo appeared, the screen went black and the PC restarted.

What happened afterwards and this is where I am right now, when you turn on the PC the CPU fan ramps up to 100% like it does for 2-3 seconds when you first turn it on, but the fan stayed like that and no flashed on the screen, nothing, it just stayed pitch black (What I mean is that the Monitor did not even detect a signal).

I already tried using another hard drive, nothing, another GPU, nothing, another PCI slot, nothing, took of the CPU fan and reinstalled thermal paste, nothing, I have a feeling that the PSU might be the problem, since when I first built the PC we had some noise problems that came from inside the PSU, they happened at first for like a week, but then dissapeared.

I am willing to try anything, use another PSU is my only option now and try that, or if you guys have another idea, I would reaaaaally appreciate it.

Try to reset your bios and make sure your motherboard was not contacting your case and all cables were connected correctly.

How can I reset my bios if the monitor does not even detect a signal? That is the main problem, since I can´t even get into the BIOS I can´t know what component is causing the problem.

And I already reconnected the cables on all the components and yeah, still no change.

Sounds to me like the board fried, most likely a component on the mobo got to hot while playing bf4 and something burnt up. hopefully you still have a warranty.

I had to rma my board for this reason, but mine was a bit different. would be fine if you didn't do demanding / heat generating task, but start to do a stressful task the pc would just shut off, and it would be random play for 5 minutes crash play for 20 minutes crash.

you most likly need a new motherboard.

I am currently contacting MSI about the mobo to see if they have any solution, I will keep you guys notified

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if i remeber right the 970 chipset motherboards need a bios update before they can use a certain cpu.

Nah mate, this PC has been running for 4 months now

To reset the BIOS manually reset the BIOS jumper on the mobo

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I already removed the CMOS, nothing, I will try later to use another PSU

How mate? I would gladly do it if you provide insturctions

did you check the memory?

Yes, I tried using another 8GB DIMM

i know you dont have the power hungry 9590 but shows how weak the vrm's are. hope this isnt the case.


8320 shouldn't do that to a motherboard.
But yeah the VRMs aren't all that stronk.

The jumper is the blue plastic bit. The color may be different on your mobo. The chart to the right of the arrow describes the function of the plastic bit. To reset it move the plastic bit to pins 2 and 3. Of course if your chart is different follow their chart.

mobo seems to be done for (psu might have fried it), from description.

but... 101 troubleshooting...
disconnect all peripherals; gpu, pci stuff, memory, leave only cpu and psu ~> make sure you hear your system speaker at all... it means it can pass cpu post but fails on memory. If it doesn't well; mobo and psu might be gone.

I´m gonna try with anther PSU, will keep updates

Case closed, the MOBO BIOS UEFI switch according to MSI was not working as intended, whatever that means.

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So, you are going to rma it or what?

I already RMA'd it yesterday, so I should be getting a replacement. If there is anything I would recommend for anybody, is to not buy this motherboard.