Pc vs laptop!

Please can someone give me a few reasons why a PC is better than a laptop. Maybe it isn't, just tell me what you think! Thanks.

Upgradeablity and a massive difference in price to performance. An $800 desktop will smoke an $800 laptop. Laptops are great for portability but if portability and being able to do stuff on the go is not important to you a desktop gives you more for less.

Laptop: Portability

Desktop: Power, Upgradeability, Price

Pretty much everything on a laptop is a mobile-designed version.  An i5 in a laptop is not an i5 in a desktop.  The desktop is capable of more cores, higher clocked ram, and much, much stronger GPUs.



  • Depending on platform, CPU is upgradable
  • Can have higher RAM capacity (number of DIMMs)
  • Greater expansion options from motherboard
  • Can have multiple HDDs
  • As long as the CPU can support it, can be Upgraded to the latest GPUs
  • You want good audio, improve it using a sound card.
  • Can support multiple monitors (and even more using multiple GPUs)
  • Usually have a longer lifespan than laptops, before upgrade.
  • Has a better performance to price ratio when user built.
  • can carry components from system to system eg HDDs


  • Large, Takes up alot of space
  • Not so portable
  • People may have issues building one
  • Everything is a peripheral, with its own cable or dongle to keep track of. (eg Mice, Keyboard, Mics, Speakers.



  • Portable (light, slim)
  • Everything is packaged into one unit (Screen, keyboard etc.)
  • Consume little power (especially the newer Haswell based notebooks)


  • Not as upgradable. (limited by CPU choices if any at all)(Limited by DIMM slots)
  • Only have one HDD (or two without cd drive)
  • Not as powerful as a desktop (unless you spend some serious $$$)
  • If its broken, its not as repairable.
  • You can't carry components from system to system.
  • It is much easier to lose or have stolen.

This maybe biased to saying the Desktop is the better of the two, because I require performance. However everyone is there own person and like many people these days, a laptop or tablet is all they need.

Please can someone give me a few reasons why a PC is better than a laptop

  • Way better performance for the same price
  • Ability to use proper peripherals, which are:

23"+ monitors, preferably several of them,
optical wired mice,
mechanical keyboards, speaker systems for any budget and room size

  • Upgradeability, both by replacing old components and by adding new ones. You can't install an audio card or use several HDDs in a laptop, for example
  • Can be easily maintained and repaired
  • PCs have generally longer lifespan, partly because of previous point. Half a year ago I replaced a HDD on an 11 years old PC and it still works just fine. 


I have both because I need a laptop, but I would never want to use it at home.

You'll probably learn more about computers by using a PC. Building your own computer, being able to look inside, it gives you a better understanding. It's pretty valuable knowledge.

Thanks for the reply, I don't need portability so obviously a desktop is the way forward!

Thanks for all the detail! I've only joined recently and I can tell that there is a great community here on Tek Syndicate. Thanks again, all that info will be very useful!

I thought about that, If I buy a laptop, I wont be able to do upgrades and open it up and stuff. Thanks for the help.

Thank You for the help!