PC vs. Console

Can you guys list any objective facts between PC vs. Console gaming?

All I came up with is:




1). Better graphics

2). Cheaper games (Steam sales, pirating, etc.)

3). More freedom (addons, modding)

4). Able to socialize more within games (forums, MMORPGs, Vent/alts, etc)

5). PC can be built that can handle games like Skyrim for lower, or same price as consoles

6). Can preorder games and not go to midnight releases



1). If you want amazing or decent graphics you need to spend a little extra cash

2). Any computer related problem ever

3). Usually more "elistists" in PC gaming

4). Downloading the game if bad connection




1). Console is relatively cheap

2). Can share games with friends

3). Can share DLCs


1). Discs can be scratched/misplaced

Anyone like to contribute?


console cons: 

  • more expensive game
  • generally less mature audience
  • worse graphics

There are two reasons im getting a PC

  1. Mods
  2. Better graphics


Forgot those, thanks.

Not this shit again...

We really don't need to start another war on this topic. And there's a difference between being an elitist and being right and knowing it. PC gamers, the majority of us I hope, know why we game on PC over consoles wihtout jamming the facts down others throats like a ton of the others tend to do.

and if you really want to play a console game, that's why they make emulators.....

There arent any emulators for this gen of consoles, so if you want to play halo 3 or 4, or uncharted 2/3, you need to get a console. And have you even used any emulators? Playing on an emulator in short is just a terrible experience.

Hmmm I'll have to disagree with terrible. I've actually really enjoyed it. Running my favorite console games at 4x+ internal resolution has been a lot of fun. The problem is how many games require different settings to run good enough, let alone perfectly.

i have both a pc and a console, i play my rts, fps, and puzzle type games on the pc and i use the console for racing/sports type games.

You can use all the consol controlls on a pc.

Except for Wii-stuff.

some people say that the controllers are a pro, but I preffer mouse and keyboard... in all of the games that I play

i ahve just moved to pc gaming!  those who are on cosnole and havent experienced pc gaming there points are invalid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can ectually do that it is pretty simple :) just use bluetooth

In the end, it all comes down to preference. With consoles, the game is made for that console so it's sure to work. With PCs, you may have to upgrade your components to handle it. Consoles are like an "ease-of-use" when it comes to playing games, where as with PCs it's more involved. I see a lot of people prefer the controller over the mouse and keyboard. I have a retractable USB controller in the shape of a PS3 controller. Worked awesome with certain PC games where the keyboard and mouse were difficult to use. Especially on a laptop. Just redefine the controls to what you want. With PCs you can emulate console games, which is an entirely different process that I have no experience in. Also, with consoles, you are limited to what that console holds as far as hardware and software, modding being illegal now, so excluding that option where as with PCs you can expand expand expand. If you wanted, you could even make a PC just for gaming, like a console, get a controller and have at it. Again, it's all about preference.

Not this shit again... 6). Can preorder games and not go to midnight releases (lolwut?) 1). Better graphics (are you 12?)  your list is a damn joke.

This is a useless thread which doesn't give any insight anywhere. And the thread is in a PC Gaming sub forum, please delete this thread and possibly ban the one who created it, I can't imagine the OP with an IQ higher than a 100 with such pro's and con's.

This forum is so much better than most of the game/hardware forums out there. Lets not make this a shit hole with threads like "PC GAMING VS CONSOLE GAMING" it significantly lowers the quality of the discussion as a whole.

The biggest difference is commetment. If you want to be a pc gamer, you will have to figure out how to get the game running and research your computer before you buy it, console is just plug and play. 

Not this shit again... 6). Can preorder games and not go to midnight releases (lolwut?) 1). Better graphics (are you 12?)  your list is a damn joke.

I've moved up from Console to PC (yes, moved up, not over.) Regarding the midnight release part, I have to agree. I'd much rather click pre-order on a website, and then be able to download it the day it comes out rather than stand in line for hours on end waiting to get my copy, and then spend an hour driving back home.

And the graphics; There is a noticable difference coming from Xbox 360 to PC. One, the 360 only outputs at 720p max. With my monitor (1360x768) there is only a difference of 80x48 pixels, but it's highly noticable when you turn the presets to Ultra. As well, the 360 (perhaps all current-gen consoles) are limited to 30 FPS regardless of the refresh rate of whatever you're playing on. Monitors go all the way up to 120 FPS (as far as I know, possibly higher) and if your GPU can handle it, then you can take advantage of that.

I'm not a guy who'll say "OMFG, U PLAY CONSOLE? NOOBZ. PC IS TEH 3LI73Z0RZ." If you enjoy consoles, more power to you. I've only been gaming on PC for about a week, but I definitely enjoy it more than I did my 360. I'm just offering my input on this situation.

A problem with PC gaming is fragmentation. Even though you have a PC, you can't be sure that you will be able to run a certain game on it. Unlike in consoles. As long as the game has been released for a certain console, as long as you have said console, you are assured that you will be able to play it.

Also, you can buy installation disks for a PC much like you do for a console.

Then there's the fact that it's easier to pirate PC games than console games.

Consoles are also relatively easier to set up. Just pop in the disk, and just input some info, sometimes none at all, and your good to go. In a PC situation, you will have to install it, and it may or may not work, then there is the trouble of finding the best settings to be able to play the game.

Then there's the fact that a lot of installations for a PC game is for one person only. You usually need a licence key to be able to install a game LEGALLY. In consoles, you can just give a friend or relative the disk and they will be able to play it( assuming the game was bought in a disk).

Portability. Consoles like the 3DS or PS Vita and other handhelds are easier to carry around than a gaming laptop.

Then there's the community. As far as I know, there are a lot more console gamers out there than there are PC gamers. So if you want a team play, or some friends, it might be easier to do so on as console. But the people on consoles are usually more childish.

But a PC does offer superb graphics. A custom built $350 PC will have way more better graphics than a $350 console, sometimes even at low settings.

There are a lot more functions a PC can do, not just gaming.

It's both a con and pro: piracy. It's easier to pirate PC games.

You can also use a huge range of controllers for a PC.

There is also more things you can do with a PC when you're done with ever using it again compared to a console, which may be passed down to someone a few times before they either throw it away or leave it to take up dust.

If you're willing to spend a little more money for a decent PC over a console, willing to go through installations, willing to upgrade when you need to, then PC gaming will offer you graphics a console will never hope to achieve, while also teaching you new things