PC value?

Hi Teksyndicate! I have a few questions regarding the value of my pc. First of all the specs

Zotac gtx 770 2gb
i5 2500k
MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming LGA 1155
8gb PNY 2133 Ram
256 crucial ssd
2x 1tb HDD
NZXT h440
2x Corsair 120mm fans
Custom red sleeving on GPU mobo etc
Rosewill hive 650 modular psu

With Uni full time and work I can't play video games anymore. Looking at selling on my craigslist or uni trade/sell/swap
I was thinking $700 but that seems slightly high? Maybe 600-650. Thanks for you opinions


ok what type of hard drives? 7200 rpm? it's not a seagate right?

does it have windows? or wiped? anything else software on there?

according to amazon, used:
180$ for gpu
115$ cpu
40$ for ram (2x4)
80$ for ssd
30-45$ per drive (hitachi 7200 ultrastar are 45 and they are some of the best out there so no reason to get more expensive)
106$ for the case
30$ for the cpu fan
10-20$ for the fans
60$ for the psu

grand total of 681-721$ not including shipping and handling. keep in mind that amazon has a ton of policys that make returning items easier and replacing damaged items ect... and also there is 0% or near 0% risk of getting scammed.

also your's is all put together and has custom aesthetics. i would knock it down to 650$ and try to sell for a few days/weeks and lower it slightly then re post until you get a bite.

I'd personally knock about 15% off that and a bit more off the case and psu, putting it at about $550-600.

240gb ssds are $90 new in Canadian dollars, which is like $67USD. New

Thanks a lot fredrich and Yoinkerman! The HDDS are x2 hitachi 7200 and its wiped. I could include windows 8 if they wanted it. Thanks again!


make sure you re-wipe using ccleaner a few more times just to be safe