PC v Console... All you need to know

I have it... The answer to the war... Peace in the world ( of gameing ). So amazing it will blow your mind. You will never guess what it is. The PC masters... Trolls of consoles will live in a wonderful world. Would you like to know what it is... I dont know if you're ready for it. Ok are you ready... Here it is... PLAY WHAT YOU LIKE.

I'd be up for console gaming more if games were made with a keyboard and mouse in mind.

As long as you have to look around with a joystick then no thanks.

Well this thread is redundant. We already know this... we don't really care about consoles. The whole "PC mustard race" shit is a joke, because we know console players will get their panties in a bunch over it, like they do with literally everything.

But yeah, play whatever you want, aslong as you don't get all defencive and all up in our shit about it.


PC vs Console... All you need to know:

PC > Consoles. Always. :P


No, but seriously, I go where the good games are. I have an xbox360 and still play Forza 4 and a few other games that are exclusives. Better graphics do enhance game play experience, but the game play itself is what makes a game good. I agree with Monsieur Whippy that certain games (like FPS) with keyboard and mouse is a MUST. But that's personal preference. I often play Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer with some friends on the 360 and sniping moving targets with the game pad sticks is beyond frustrating. lol That is the only shooter game  will play on a console.