PC upgrades

Ok guys Im planning to upgrade my system in a few days, my system (excluding my cooler and graphics card) are older. SO yea my board does not have any SATA III ports, but still plan to get a ssd to speed up load times and some apps. Then there is the air flow issue, so I plan on getting a new case and new fans. Obviously Noctua fans and Corsair cases dont fall into my budget, but I want to get a small microATX case and some fans that have great static pressure. So im pretty dedicated to ether a Plexor or a kingston hyperX  120gb ssd, but am debating what fans and case to get. I would like to keep the cost low because I would like to as well get a monitor as well ( an ASUS VS24AH-P). So what do yolu guys think, I would like to keep cost to minimum, so what are your suggestions?

If you want an ssd for your OS and programs you can get by with a 60 gb ssd, with the money left I would look for a new mobo with sata 3.

I have 37 gb free out of 55 available on my boot drive with windows 8 and all the programs I could possibly use, which are quite a few. Games go to a different drive.

well what I was planning was to find a good sale cause i want a 120 so i can dual boot with CrunchBang. But yea I want to get a better mobo, but i have the mentality that if i was going to get a better mobo I might as well get a better CPU.

120GB should be enough for a SSD, just install your games on a HDD and you will be fine :)