PC Upgrades (Broadwell-E vs Haswell-E or Skylake-E?)

Hey fellas, this will probably be a bit long winded....sorry.

right no i am looking at upgrading my current i7-860 to newer and better things. first question is should i wait for Broadwell-E or just stick with Haswell-E. looks like Broadwell-E will be on the 2011-v3 socket, if that is the case and i do move forward with Broadwell-E should i wait for a newer Mobo or could i purchase a higher end one now and save more over time waiting for the chip to come out to put in it.

Budget is about 1500 USD for CPU,Mobo,Ram & GPU.

main task is gaming but i also dabble in virtualization, computing and usually have several home server applications running (ie Plex, Emit, Filezilla)

although my current rig has served me well for 7 years i am starting to feel it falling short with no USB3.0 or SATA3 ports and even if i was able to find a 2nd video card that matches my current one for a decent price ive heard the P55 chipset doesnt work well with Crossfire/SLI (due to PCI-E gen2 sockets and only 16 PCI-E lanes on the CPU i think)

Future Additions i hope to add will be a custom water cooling loop, a 2nd GPU, and a Freesync monitor at 1440p.

Current components that will be salvaged from current rig:
Obsidian 800D
Hard drives/SSD
1920x1200 24" & 1080p 24"

Features i would like to keep/add:
Dual gigabit ports on Mobo (would like to experiment with some type of link aggregation or use one of them directly for Virtual machines)
Wake on lan support (is that a thing yet on non-server stuff?)

any suggestions and help would be appreciated, also if anyone knows when we are expecting Broadwell-E to be released that would help me out too.

Thanks everyone, never thought i would be posting on a forum looking for build advice but i don't keep up with this stuff like i use to.

A 5820K should be fine, broadwell is only about 5% faster as well like skylake, so performance wise there's not going to be much different

Are you doing any like GPU passthrough stuff?

You could easily upgrade to a 4k IPS free-sync display with that budget

If you're not itching to upgrade and you're not in the absolute need for a new system I would wait how things are going to go when Skylake-E comes out and than decide. Market is always evolving I know but this during a generation upgrade is not worth to jump on whatever is on the market atm. You're going to invest all the 1500$ into the components upgrade or also into the watercooling?

1500 is for the components alone, but at this point i think im just going to skimp by with a new GPU (either fury, furyx or a new RX400 depending when it comes out and how it performs) along with a new SSD & perhaps a freesync monitor.

ive kept my pledge to not upgrade my first gen i7 until DDR4 was a thing, now that it is i guess i ll just wait until it really becomes a problem.

thanks for the replies Street guru and MetalizeYourBrain