Pc upgrade

would upgrading from a amd fx 8320 to a intel core i5 4670k be a worthwhile upgrade

Worth it only if you have money to blow and the appications and games you use/play show a worthwhile improvement in performance when using a i5.
If you're happy enough with the 8350, I reckon stick with it until the next round of amd and intel stuff comes around. Maybe focus on spending on an upgrade to your gpu if your primary use for the system is gaming.

I agree with @deejeta. It's a big upgrade necessitating changing not only your CPU but your mobo as well, and the 8320 is not a bad choice in and of itself.

guess i will wait for zen to come out then.

Only Intel I would upgrade to from AMD would be the i7-5830k

  1. It depends the games that you play if games like DotA 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive MMORPGS then yes I would suggest it.

  2. This is coming from a former FX 6300 user who oced the shit out of that chip.

i play battlefield 4 planetside 2 and call of duty advanced warfare

msi 970a-g46
amd fx 8320
evga gtx 970
16 gb kingston hyperxblu ram
kingston v300 120 gb ssd
1 tb seagate
ultra lsp 750 watt psu

Both look playable to me. I wouldn't have seen a difference if not for the BIG GIANT FPS counter =)

I recently got a good deal on a used i7 4790k and picked up a msi g45 gaming motherboard. I play similar games to the ones listed and on average saw a 10 to 15 fps increase and slightly snappier performance all around. If thats worth it to you then by all means jump on it. I was using an 8320 up till that point but i'm also running xfired 290x's

Those two are very similar in performance, only that the 8320 uses more energy and has a weaker single thread performance.
Though not enough to justify any upgrade.