PC upgrade

My build now is sapphire 270x, cx600, 8gb ram, cooler cm tx3, mobo msi a78m-e35, 1tb hdd, athlon x4 ii 760k.

I live in Finland.

I am planning to buy these components gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P, fx-6300 and sapphire 280x. tell ne if there are aby bottlenecks and does 600w is enough for this upgrade.

The psu should be fine. The cpu cooler may need upgraded to a http://www.coolermaster.com/cooling/cpu-air-cooler/hyper-212-evo/. Keep in mind if your case has room for the larger cpu coolers. Everything else should run fine in combination with each other. If purchasing new consider the 380/390 for improvements and features.

Wait for 380.. Id suggest going with intel and a core i5.. ITS a fantastic bargain.. a little extra but you get a lot more performance.. the 6300 will be a bit of a bottleneck :)

My budget is too small for it i think that 280x is a better deal for the money.

And my case is too smal for 212 rip.

Exactly what i5?

4690k is a fantastic chip... I'd suggest raise your budget a bit you'd come out with a far more kick ass rig

imho save up a little more $$$ (plus sell existing cpu/mb/gpu) & get:

  • cheapest i5 + midrange h97 board
  • 280x/380, 290/390, gtx970/780ti

Ok thanks of the replies!

I am going upgrade my pc on a budget. Upgrade parts are cpu mobo and gpu.

I think that i5 4460 would nice byt 4960k is tempting. For mobo GA-Z97-HD3 S1150 Z97 ATX. GPU i have no idea, but nothing over 300€

It would help for you to list everything you have in your computer now, What you want to spend, and what you want to do / play.

u can find my spec in my profile. I want play on 1080 high to ultra 50-60 fps on bf4 witcher homeworld 2 and other popular games like new fallout, battlefront 3. Budget is around 600€ minus my old parts what i going to sell.

For under E600 I'm pretty sure you should be able to go i5 + GTX970/R9 390, but you'll have to hunt for deals. You've got a decent enough PSU, and I'm assuming you have some quantity of memory in your system already.

GPU is going to be more important than CPU for gaming.