Pc Upgrade

Whats up fellow tek fans!

      I received my tax return check today and I am looking to spend approximately 1k on upgrading my current rig. My system as is

  • Amd fx-8350
  • Asus m5a99fx pro r 2.0
  • Amd R9 290 reference
  • 2x intel 120gb ssd
  • 1tb mass storage
  • gskill ddr3 1866 16gb
  • hyper 212 evo
  • corsair ax850 psu

I dont believe i will have the willpower to wait until q2 2015 for a 390x. i am trying to get the most bang for my buck. i know i want to get a korean 1440p monitor. where i am stuck at is on the gpu, do i get a gtx 980 or another 290. if i go the 290 route i will need to water cool my reference 290 with something like a kraken g10 because i cannot stand the noise level my gpu currently outputs. I suppose my main concern is crossfire on amd is this still an issue or has it been mostly resolved. any input is greatly appreciated.           

980 all the way.  maxwell architecture means you can overclock like crazy and less power consumption

I think you should just wait for the 390X before making a purchasing decision IMHO.

Yea I pulled the trigger on an evga 980 and the Acer 4k g-sync monitor I could not stand that reference cooler another day. Now I'm just waiting on ups!


Your current PC is reasonable and you will probably just be throwing away that money. 

Why would you?.....    that is just....    sigh...    

He wants new stuff. He can afford new stuff. He asked for advice on his new stuff. You are not helping.

Suggesting he try an approach other that an new GPU or adding another 290 with a better cooler and putting a AIO cooler adapter on his existing card that he can't stand the noise of to get the best value for his money would be helpful.

Or maybe upgrade his chip and board, since he could totally run a 1440p display on that card and fit a 4970K, a good mobo and said display into his budget. Which I would call the better option.

Or were you actually not typing while he was posting his comment and your weird sentence construction fooled me into thinking you were not just telling him he wasted his money on a major purchases like a 980 and a 4K display?

I don't like to go all aggro on ppl but your post just seems so counter to the attitude and environment that makes TS such a great place I had to air my issues, and hopefully give you a chance to clarify.

As far as me throwing my money away I don't believe that to be the case. I hooked up all my new components yesterday and I have to say variable refresh rate monitors weather amd or nvidia Has to be the best thing I have seen for gaming in a long time.

I am playing new games near max detail at 24 fps which sounds terrible I know, but it looks butter smooth. I was truly shocked at the improvement made by g-sync. 

Recently I have found myself frustrated with gaming and not wanting to play. Partly because of the immersion breaking noise from the reference 290 and secondly from the horrible stutter and tearing from sub 60 fps frame rates. This new card and monitor have completely reversed this issue. 

My only issue about my purchase is that I wish the panel was ips or at least a va panel.