Pc upgrade

Hey. I got a supris money from my girl friend and think of jusing it to upgrade my pc. the amount i got is 1300$ and my current pc spec is :

asus sabertooh z87 

intel i5 4670k

team exstrem 16gb ddr3 ram 1600mhz

xfx amd 7970 ghz 

silverstone raven 03

cooler master hybrid 1300w psu

wd balck 500 gb

wd blu 250 gb

kinston ssd 120 gb

win 8 

what wil be det best upgrade fore pc gaming? 

hope you can help my :) 


I noticed that you didn't list an aftermarket CPU cooler in that list, so that would be one of the things that i would recommend that you upgrade. With that amount of money you could easily get yourself a nice water solution setup. or a closed loop solution. Personally i don't know much of either of those so maybe someone else in the forums could give you a good recommendation.

dude, your gf gave you that money for you to buy HER something.

i'm jusing a be quiet dark rock 2 cpu cooler.. my case  i dont think is the best for watrer cooling and i have never setup a water cooling system before.


nope.. she told my to juse the monye on my self sins i have been the on to pay evry ting the last tow years.


ok.. amd or nvidia. singel gpu or cf/sli? 

Not to be a dick or anything, but dude, the grammar nazi in me just commited suicide. 

Sorry but i am a norwegian whit dyslexia so my gramma is bad:/

If GPU prices in Norway reflect prices in the US, then you should probably go nVidia. It's also better if you start off by getting a single powerful GPU since you can always buy another one to SLI later.

IMO your current rig is pretty good.  This is a 'if it were me' approach.


I would upgrade the GPU to a GTX 780

I would ditch the current storage drives in favor of at least a 240gb SSD and a 2tb Western Digital Black HDD.

Then send me your HD 7970 (I'll pay the shipping).  HAHA, just kidding, but then you can sell your old parts and still have not spent that much.  

Then buy some new games :) and put some money back for a rainy day.

Well he does have a point, once you finish upgrading you could save a little and you could buy her something nice. like a bouquet roses or just something small. 

I am from Norway as well! :D

The prices in Norway makes AMD a better choice than NVIDIA imo.

if you are curious about it, check this list with amd and nvidia cards with descending price


I would buy an AMD R9 290X (you get it for as low as 4000NOK)  and put a NZXT Kraken G10 GPU Bracket with a watercooler on it OR custom watercooling if you don't have problems putting it toghether.

and ofc, slap a CPU cooler in there as well!

Or drop the watercooling, for for crossfire r9 290x  or just R9 290  and sell the 7970!

I think my brother mayby would like to buy the 7970