Pc upgrade

I am looking at upgrading my current Pc in order to be able to play more modern games like battlefield 3 and skyrim. i can currently run fallout newvegas at 1080p with medium settings and i get around 30-40 fps. I am currently stuck at whether I should keep my motherboard, which is a msi GF615m-p33 (a cheap Micro atx am3 board), and put in a phenom x4 processor in place of my athalon X2 or spend the extra 400 dollars and get a z77 board with a 3570k. I am thinking of replacing my 9500gt with a gtx 760 or a 7870. I already have upgraded my case and psu with a corsair 500r and a corsair tx750w psu. My budget is around 400-500 doallrs if just replaing the cpu and aound 1000 if i have to replace the motherboard aswell as the cpu. I live in the United states and usally use newegg or ncix for buying pc parts. I play at 1080p and am not too picky anout graphics quality as long as the game runs smooth.


My current pc specs:

MSI GF615M-p33

AMD Athalon X2

Zotac 9500GT

4GB of Ram

Corsair 500R

Corsair TX750w 

How about replacing the motherboard and cpu and not spending $1,000?




non le version, never the le version

otherwise that

thanks for the advice and the parts list.

So it would be better if I used a 7950 over a gtx760 if I use the Fx processors?

no... the 7950 is just a better card period, you gain zero benifit from pairing amd/amd

I looked up the intel equivalent of this parts list and it is 150 dollars more. would going to intel be worth the extra 150 dollars or should I go with amd? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1vv0c

ok thanks

Youre still better off with the 7950 ( cheaper, a little better performance, free games, 3gb vram instead of 2).

The i5 is worth in my opinion since it uses less juice ( enough to justifie the price over the years) and usually has better performance in games. Make sure to get a nifty cooler with that for oc, if you dont overclock just take the 3570 non k and save 20 dollars.

Why spend 1000dollars to play current games at max at 1080p when you could spend 500 dollars, it just doesn't make sense. You could use that extra money on say a korean 2560x1440 pannel and another graphics card (and get 6 free games) to run it rather than paying double for an equivelant end-user experience.

Check out this list.

***Edit***, is paying $50ish(25%) more for a 760 to get physx worth it when the 7950 is marginally better, has an extra GB of ram and comes with 3 free tripple-aaa games. Also I believe there is an unofficial way to use a secondary nvidia card to get physixs when you have a amd card***Edit***

I agree with tmlhalo and overlordnick, go with an FX-8320 or 6300 and pair it with an HD 7950. If you have the extra money to spend, throw it into an SSD if you don't have one or a cooler like a Hyper 212 or Xigmatek GAIA at least (AMD stock heatsinks are anemic as fuck). If you STILL want to throw more money at it, then look into a 990 mobo and get a second 7950.

I normally wouldn't recommend doing CrossFireX or SLI if you can afford more from a single card, but with 6 free games it's a massive deal and you'd be stupid to not go for that. From what I understand as well, if you don't like the selection available right now, they'll be adding more in a few months and you can redeem it then too. Don't quote me on that though.

Also, if I were buying it, I'd grab the 7950 now and wait for a NewEgg or Micro Center deal on an 8350 before grabbing the rest. I've seen it between $169-179 a lot lately just from the NewEgg email deals. And if you have a Micro Center near you they constantly drop the price on CPUs if you're able to pick it up in-store. Buying parts at different times is another thing I normally wouldn't recommend but a single 7950 should work fine with what you have and even with the bottlenecking that's likely to occur, it will give you a considerable performance increase.

Mix n Match to your heart's content:

Less:   http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Anonymiter/saved/2eXv


More:   http://pcpartpicker.com/user/Anonymiter/saved/2eXu