PC Upgrade

My current system specs were temporary but with upgradability in mind. I have only had it since February but it is already showing its speed issues.

AMD Phenom II x4 965 (no overclock)

EVGA GTX 650 2gb Superclocked

8gb 1600mhz RAM

1tb HDD

ASRock 770iCafe Motherboard

CoolerMaster 500w

I am wanting to know if it would be good to go the cheaper route of upgrading to an FX CPU (8350) with a better graphics card (GTX 770) or better to spend more to go with a new motherboard an and i5 3570k. I will only be gaming on this system, as well as recording and livestreaming. I do plan to get a second 1tb HDD regardless of which direction I go with upgrading. I do not plan on doing any overclock what so ever. With the upgrade in either direction I know that I will need a bigger powersupply, I was thinking 750w. Thanks in advance.


At the price of the 770 you could do a 6300 and 760 combo. notch both up a bit.

If you replace the cpu, I don't see you gaining much before the 650 slows you down.

If youre gonna live stream get thd 8350 because it can utilize the 4 extra cores. Even though a lot of games dont use all 8 cores now, most/all games will use them in the future, so it is more future proof if youre only gaming and live streaming. Ifyou want to Put a few extra bucks into your gpu, get an 8320 and put those 30 extra bucks into a better gpu. Thats just my 2 cents. 

That is why I was planning on upgrading both CPU and GPU. I'm sure a GTX 650 would bottleneck an 8350. Though I do not have the money at this time for the upgrade, I plan on making that money late this year (around $800-$900) so I should have plenty for the upgrade.

The new AMD 9XXX series cards are coming in September-October. Just wait until then.

I don't really want to go with an AMD graphics card, as I have had bad experiences with Catalyst but have had absolutely no issue with NVIDIA's drivers.