PC (up grade?) PSU QUESTION, Cable Sleeving,

So here's my current desk. 


And here's the inside of my NZXT Switch 810..... It's horible I know. BUT. That's what my project is. 


It could use a little attention to detail.. I got busy with work and life while I was building this system but I've got time now. So I ordered a few products that I've seen poppin up and also have about 200 ft of paracord on it's way tomorrow to sleve my cables and make the cable management much much much better. I'll be posting about how all that goes. Hopfullyyyyyy smoothly. 



I'll be posting and updating my progress on this and I'll be starting the tear down tonight. 


Well, I got the her naked and stripped down. 


And now I have a problem. HELP. I now know not to go cheap on caples... Apevia sucks...



At First I thought this cable was toast but it turns about my 24 pin on my PSU only has 23 pins, It's missing one. So I wanted to get your guys thoughts. Should it be okay if I just Use the 24 Pin extention with that missing pin in the same spot? Seem like it should work because there's no power going threw that port anyway right? 


I hope I'm making sense.. The picture shows the missing pin on my PSU. 





It's up for grabs ;)


Hopfullly the mail will be here on time today and I can start sleveing before I go to work!


damn nice camera work. And what are you gonna do with that old heatsink?

Thanks man! I was thinking about putting it on ebay and trying to make a couple bucks off it. 

i don't recommend ebay. its turned into nothing but a bunch of scammers

That core heatsink is hideous :P . anyway Good look with your project man