PC Turning Into A Jet Engine While Gaming

So my rig has been becoming a jet engine while gaming and extended use for quite while now. and I'm starting to think this shouldn't be happening as I have 2 Cougar Vortex PWM CF-V12HP fans inside and an Asus GTX 760 DirectCUII OC GPU. Although the GPU I know isn't the problem because the 'engines' were running before I added this.

So I need a way to lower the chassis fans' voltage/speed.. An Arduino board has been mentioned to me but I don't know what model or what this board does and how to use one of them.

I'm currently using the AsRock FM2A85X-ITX motherboard which has fan control levels of 1-9. I've set the targets to about level 5 but the fans still seem to go crazy when I'm gaming... I know third party software isn't the way as I've been told before but I need a way to control the fans without splashing out on a new motherboard.

What do I do? Thanks


If the fans are constantly really ramping up, you are probably experiencing very high temps, you may want to dial back your overclock if you have one, and consider getting better fans.

I agree with Warpig on the thermals, or possibly the response curve and thermal target. My fans are very similar to yours. After changing a few vantech stealth fans out for cougar units and increasing the fan count from 3 to 4 my video card no longer surges playing BF4. Before these latest changes you could hear the video card ramp up speeds rather dramatically. The fan speed originally went from 21-70%, now same load I go from 21-30% fan speed.

My personal machine/server;

  • Lian-Li PC V354
  • Stock 140MM case fan
  • i5-2400
  • ATI HD5870

Yes , agreed. Regardless of fan brand , if your fans are ramping up to that loud. It means there is a cooling issue. Too high of a oc, poor case airflow, wrong fans for application, and just a poor cable management. Do you need to add more fans or just clean up some cables. Heres another thing ( When was the last time you cleaned your case filters and computer itself ? ) I just made a 100 dollars off someone that never cleaned their computer. Brought it in, saying its running ( loud and hot ) and shuts down after awhile. Full of fuzz, everything.

Thanks for the help everyone.

I think I've nearly sorted the cooling issue.. I've just got a PWM splitter and have the 2 cougar vortex fans at the back and top exhausting. I also added back one of the Bitfenix case fans. My CPU/APU is still somewhat warm and Ive had to increase the target temp in the UEFI to 65oC.

I'm probably going to buy a better and larger fan for the front intake. It will have to be quieter than the cougar vortex as it will be close to me though.