PC Trouble

well im having problems with my pc the specs are AMD FX-8350 MOBO ASUS M5A97 RAM 8GB Patriot ASUS GTX 760 2GB 800W psu  the problem i have is at first for some reason the pc start to corrupt windows os and i have to repair it every week then one morning when i start the pc i got a black screen with message saying can not do overclocking i dont have anything oveclock i enter the bios  and i notice my memory clock wasnt right it was 1066 instead of 1866 i restarted when the pc restarted stop recognising the usb few days latter the pc stop these problems but got very very slow i stop playing havy games and even stop editing the las week all i did was watch netflix and use lightroom for my work today i started using heavy stuff and started again with the problems anyone who can help please dont know what to do


ps sorry for the misspelled words inglish is not my main lenguage

It the Mobo from the sounds of it man, for the 8350 you should be using a 990 series board cause how power hungry the thing, must 970 boards just don't have the power phasing to handle it, other than that i really don't know what else it could be. Sorry i can't be more helpful!

i have that Mobo Because i use to have the phenom ii x4 955 was good but not for editting that why i change the cpu but That Mobo have been acting kind of funny since i have upgraded cpu

thanks Casdune for the help 

No problem man just sorry to hear the mobo is frying o.o other than that stick with a asus 990fx board they are pretty damn good from what i have seen!

ok thanks againg im looking in to that right now